We Will Support Obama ‘Cause His Sister Looks Latina

Forget about political views or the so-called growing clout of the Hispanic electorate. The main reason we (Latinos) will support Barack Obama in the upcoming presidential election is… well, simply because his sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng, looks like a Latina. (Never mind the fact that we will never be able to pronounce her name.)

Speaking to The New York Times, Cuauhtémoc Figueroa, the director of Obama’s Latino vote effort, said he thinks Ms. Soetoro-Ng will be sort of a trumpcard in the Senator’s Latino outreach efforts:

“She speaks fluent Spanish, with a Dominican accent, and looks Latina,” Mr. Figueroa said.

Really? He doesn’t tell us, though, if she is fond of mondongo and bachata or if she likes to wear provocative tight jeans and very low cleavages.

Ay, ay, ay!

4 thoughts on “We Will Support Obama ‘Cause His Sister Looks Latina

  1. She looks more Mexican to me. Maybe that will help her in Los Angeles, but not in Washington Heights…Can somebody please help give her a Puerto Rican look?

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