Women, Charro-Style Families Restrooms Only


Plaza las Americas, in San Ysidro, CA., surely knows how to cater to a crowd of mostly Mexican shoppers, including Women and Family restrooms fully equipped for the convenience of your “typical” Mexican familia.

In the eyes of this mall’s planners, a typical Mexican family consists of: a man dressed in full charro gear (hat, tight trousers, matching bolero jacket and a huge belt buckle;) a woman in a maid-style apron (check out her mandil) who is probably someone’s maid, and a preppy kid in shorts and cardigan who probably goes to school in the “right side” of the border and wants nothing to do with the other two.

You can only thank the planners for making us all feel like one big charro happy family!

Photo (and hat tip to): Carla Raygoza.

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5 thoughts on “Women, Charro-Style Families Restrooms Only

  1. aren’t Mexican families supposed to have something like 20 children? (or maybe that doesn’t apply when your father is a charro?)

  2. Indeed, I thought the reason I left the country was because I did not comply with reproducing. I needed only have one??? Haberlo dicho antes!

  3. I see it and I still laugh… and it still upsets me… mixed feelings!!
    The most interesting (and ironic) thing about it is that the parking lot in the back of Plaza Las Americas is separated only by a ditch from the wall built by the US government to “prevent” us beaners from crossing illegally, while US businesses clearly know who their customers are…

    LAURA: I’m glad you liked it! Kisses.

  4. ya se pasan d verges… La plaza was made like an old hacienda… didnt Mexicanas wear mandiles back then…. dont some still wear them now? k hypersensitivos. That plaza is also a great place to hook up.

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