Marc Anthony is Very Scared to Go to Mexico

So that is why the boricua singer will be escorted by a crew of “at least” 600 security guards when he performs at the Port of Veracruz this Saturday.

Come on. I’ve been to Veracruz several times and, other than having a shark come dangerously close to the shopping stalls at the malecón, I never felt I was in any danger. (Well maybe once, after devouring an irresistibly-spicy huachinango a la veracruzana.)

But then again, I am not ultra rich, nor do I look as if I had an eating disorder and therefore couldn’t defend myself. Let’s just hope Mr. J-Lo comes back in one piece.

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6 thoughts on “Marc Anthony is Very Scared to Go to Mexico

  1. Hey, I think you didn’t read the article.
    It doesn’t say that the 600 security guards are for him. They’re for the 30,000 people going to the event, 300 inside and 300 outside, just as in any other concert in that place.

  2. I must deffinetly say I love your bolg, aqui en Veracruz la gente es de lo mas tranquila que te puedas imaginar, so I don´t think Mr Marco Antonio tenga problema alguno… Y no, no pienso pagar mas de 1000 pesos por un boleto jajaja

  3. He’s probably thinking or remembering his role in the “Man of Fire” movie, where his daughter was kidnapped in Mexico City by some rivals…

    Anyway, i hope the guys in Veracruz enjoy themselves hearing this guy (I don’t like his music)…

  4. And by “Man of fire”, I meant “Man on fire”… The first one would be the Human Torch (from the Fantastic Four) or some extremist monk…

  5. jajjajaa too much security. Veracruz is not Mexico City. The worst that could happen to him in Veracruz is being under water. Since the part of the stat is flooded. he should be OK………… if he knows how to swim.

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