6 thoughts on “Change or Perish: Mariachi Band in South Carolina Shows What ‘Latinos in America’ are Made of

  1. I have a theory and it may be true. In small to medium size town, manily rural areas,there are two type of Mexican Food Restaurants. A Mexican Restaurant where the “gringos” feel safe, where the food may be good or so so, but most of clients are white. And the other where the food is good and the menu in Spanish. it appears these Mariachi are at the “gringo” restaurant.

    i can remember my mom would ask me if I wanted my tacos “white people way” or normal(Mexican). I never thought I would ever see Mariachi band that can be ordered “white people way.”

  2. Interesting that elconejo associates Michael Jackson with whiteness. NOTE: I’m not assigning a value of good or bad to that – just saying that it is really interesting.

  3. Because I travel frequently in the rural mid-west where it is brown and white a little much else. I associate more the English with white than Michael Jackson….

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