You, Too, Can Help Texas Catch a Mexican!


Finally, a social networking site has been put to some fucked up use. BlueServo, a social networking site you’ve probably never heard of, has partnered with the Texas Border Sheriff’s Coalition to launch Virtual Stakeout operation, a $2 million initiative involving a series of web cams placed along the Texas-Mexico border allowing the average Joe to become a Minuteman of sort.

According to their own press release, the pitch is real simple: Help us catch real Mexicans on real time!

These webcams can be viewed online, by you, by me, by anyone, with the aim of making public viewers “Virtual Deputies”.

It is not yet clear what the virtual deputies will get as a reward other than the possibility of making their lives a bit less dull. (I am told thousands of people from around the country have signed on to become virtual deputies, including a few dozens in Aquilla, Ohio.)

The Reyes Magos Might be Running Out of Ideas


My grandma used to say* there is nothing new under the sun. And to prove this point, a toy maker this week is releasing a new line of toys featuring none other than El Chavo del 8, the 35-year-old series featuring an 8-year-old child created -and portrayed- by 80-year-old Roberto Gómez Bolaños (aka Chespirito.)

The new toys from Fundex are debut just in time for Three Kings Day, and they are based on the animated series of El Chavo. But if you want to get your hands on them, you must rush to your nearest Target, because you will not find them anywhere else. (Sorry, Walmart and Kmart.)

*Please forgive my Forrest Gump lapsus.

Good Lord. Spanish Buses Now Feature Atheism

Text_H7A1_4pdf.docMeet the Bus Ateo (The Atheist Bus), featuring the latest advertising effort by Spain’s Unión de Ateos y Librepensadores, which on Jan. 12 will roll buses in Catalunya and Madrid encouraging citizens to stop worrying and enjoy life, as God probably doesn’t exist. The slogan reads:

“Probablemente Dios no existe. Deja de preocuparte y disfruta la vida.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but if the campaign claims that God probably doesn’t exist, shouldn’t we be calling it the Agnostic Bus, instead?

Only God knows.

And You Think You Have Problems [With the Airlines]

sabrina_sabrokSabrina Säbrok, the Argentine nut-case model whose fake boobs now weigh like 10-kilos, is reportedly in a very bad shape after one of her implants burst in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

According to El Mañana: “During the flight, Säbrok began to feel a strong pain in her breast; fortunately, there was a doctor on board who took a minute to come up with a diagnose: a recently operated implant simply burst in mid air.”

And you thought you had airline problems….

Hat tip to Keith Dannemiller.

Photo: El Mañana

Here’s What I call an All Inclusive ‘Resort’


Forget the Club Med. Hotel Reforma, in the heart of downtown Mérida, offers everything you should expect from an all-inclusive  hotel: air conditioning, swimming pool, parking, cable TV, coffee and bread… why not?

(Yeah, I’m back from my Yucatán excursion and still too lazy to do much. But stay tune and in the meantime, Feliz 2009!)

Photo: Laura Martínez. Mérida, Yuc. 2008