Elizabeth Warren Goes to El Gordo, Orders Tacos ‘Sin Cebolla.’ All Hell Breaks Loose

Elizabeth Warren orders a beef taco… without onion, Her campaign might never recover from this.

It is not a secret that, while campaigning and seeking the Latino vote in Las Vegas, you gotta pay a visit to the folks of Tacos El Gordo. And on Friday, Feb. 21, 2020 it was the turn of Senator Elizabeth Warren, to hang out with taqueros and taqueras at the famous Mexican eatery; snap tons of selfies and –of course– try their delicious creations.

So far so good, right? Well, not really. All hell broke loose after this blogger found out La Guarren ordered her beef tacos sin cebolla (!!!) prompting a potentially damaging schism among her many followers who quickly took to social media to express their affiliation to either #TeamWarrenConCebolla or #TeamWarrenSinCebolla.

A very scientific poll posted Friday night by this blogger concluded that ordering tacos without onion could eventually hurt Warren’s chances to secure the Latino vote, at least among those who want to live life to its full potential.

The verdict is here

While I tend to order my tacos con todo (except pineapple when it comes to al pastor) I’m gonna stick to La Guarren because she’s still the hero we all need today. Onion or not, she’s some bad as, as proven in the following exchange with Mini Mike on Feb. 19.


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