Queen Noor of Jordan, Now Queen of Telmex?

queenQueen Noor of Jordan, the U.S. born, 57-year-old widow of the late King Hussein of Jordan, is reportedly dating H.M. Carlos Slim, King of Telmex, Prince of Sanborn’s and Count of the many-many dollars.

According to Spain’s Semana magazine, the two are an item and have been seen globe-trotting in super luxurious planes and automobiles.

“Carlos Slim and Noor of Jordan just spent a few days at the Villas of Cap Cana in Dominican Republic. Before that, the pair was seeing globe-trotting around Spain, Sweden, Italy and Colorado,” said a nameless source, whom we really want to believe because this is a great story!

At last! After centuries of borrowing news and gossip from somebody else’s royalty, Mexicans now boast our very own royal couple. [Sigh]

(The tons of money the two must be saving in all those calls between Mexico City and Amman…)

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39 thoughts on “Queen Noor of Jordan, Now Queen of Telmex?

  1. Man! couldn’t he afford a 17-year-old stunning girl? why go for the 60 year old when you are, like, the riches dude ever!!???

    go figure

  2. He could, but not a queen you dumb! And don’t forget all the connections and social standing money sometimes can’t buy… And let me tell you, she looks great even being almost 60.

  3. I hate to burst your bubble, but she is no longer queen, is she? I wonder if she is now queen-mother, queen-widower, or who knows what else.

    Paloma, I think Mr. Slim can buy any of the connections that a former queen from a tiny country may have. BTW, she does look good for her age…

  4. For your information, she still holds the title as Queen. She is beautiful and even though Carlos Slim (actual last name was Salim) is very rich, she looks waaaaay better for her age than he does. I actually thought she is too much for him.

  5. understand that his marriage to Soumaya domit was a beautiful one. He may be a good family man. Good luck for the two of them, but I hope that he keeps investing his money in his country, it needs it.

  6. Queen noor is a big time gold digger !!! First it was Jim Kimsey of AOL then she was after George Soros then now this Mexican man!! What do they have in common??? Shame on you noor!!

  7. What a shame that King Hussein’s widow is sleeping around with all these men for money!!! she is quikly becoming Queen Whoxxxxe !!!

  8. What a Shame for King Hussein!!!

    His fouth wife Noor who now is grand mother herself is gets Boop-Job and sleeping around with this Rich Mexican man!!!

  9. Queen Noor is linked with Carlos slim??? Isn’t it against Muslim teaching??? Widow sleeping around with another man?? Carlos Slim 2nd richest man??
    She must really need “Sugar Daddy” after her husband death and her son being kicked out of Jordan.

  10. Jordanian Royal Household must be something in the water!! Widows all sleeping arouud for “Sugar Daddy”

    Princess Firyal with Greek shipping guy and Lionel Pincus for money and NOW “Ex Queen” Queen Noor is sleeping around with Carlos Slim!!

    Are these womwn all WHORES???

  11. Qeen Noor is not a”Whore” nor never will be. between She devoted her life to her late husband Hussain and to Humanitarian projects globally. How dare You! She’s 57 and beautiful. Should she be a wasted, useless morner or teach us that life goes on! I hope it’s serious with her spanish friend as she would have many positive things to tell him about Jordanians etc., This could establish a much needed friendship between possibly hostle countries. Leap of Faith was a fantastic read.

  12. ” Queen Noor” still is a ” Queen Whore”. Asa a King Hussein’s widow she is sleeping around with other men is just not thinkable.
    She still looks good thanks to so much Botox and boon jobs she has!!
    Flying around the world with man like Carlos Slim!!!

  13. ” Queen Noor” still is a ” Queen Whore”. As a King Hussein’s widow she is sleeping around with other men is just not thinkable.
    She still looks good thanks to so much Botox and boob jobs she has!!
    Flying around the world with man like Carlos Slim!!!

  14. one should not believe everything especially in such gossip magazines these publications are notorious. she is just a person that has lived her life and continues. however i believe that one has to keep ones their reputations. i think she is trying to keep busy and it is very difficult not be the number 1 queen and i always have this impression that she thinks she is the queen no matter what. this shows the lack of history of the country and a fake kingdom. it is very sad to have kings and queens in places like MIddle East imagine the waste these people generate when there are so much to be done. instead she and the new queen and relative prancing in Europe and USA. why can not they sit put?

  15. If you think all that Botox and boobs jobs are beautiful??

    “Nuke free world” How Cute for her to say !!
    She seems busy running around for rich men!!
    It’s too bad you she will sleep with anyone with MONEY!! KIng Hussein must be very SAD!!

  16. It is “So sad” to see these women Lady Di(look what happend to her!!),Queen Noor… running around the world to catch men with money!! Why can she keep dignity and stay home & honor their husband’s memories!!

  17. Don’t be so quick to say horrible things about Queen Noor. You only know about this because it has been “leaked” to the media. How do you know it’s true? Don’t be so quick to judge her unfairly.

    1. Why? She is human and needs a mate… especially after being alone for around 10yrs.
      Life can get pretty lonely when you dont have that special person whom can be there for you day and night.

    2. This is the lady whom Hussain chose, so i doubt if she is a whore. Hussain had her checked very carefully… She is soooo intelligent and soooo good. She still has not gotten married to any men!! Maashalah

  18. King Hussain married four wives. He married the next wife without even divorcing the previous one all four times. He also had affairs while married to Noor and while he was married to Muna, he had an affair with Alia, his third wife. SO WHAT, Noor is dating other men. However, she cracks me up when she comes on CNN to talk about Islam, her newly found religion, when she is only finding solace with Christian men. Now you can say, shame on you, Noor, you are a liar. Liar. Liar.

  19. Jordanians have two standards for morality; one for men and another for women. It is OK for a man to marry several wives but it is not OK for the widow to marry after her husband’s death

  20. guys,, aren’t you over-blaming her, if she hasn’t been a queen, then no one was going to read this!! she’s a human,, and she’s a widow!!

  21. For those retard assholes who say Nur looks “fabulous” ….. that’s not good enough. she ought to be looking absolutely out of this world, a rarity. Would anyone not look out of this world with half a dozen plastic surgeries of the face and periodical botox injections? With all that going on, the Botox Queen needs to do better.
    A prize question – who’s used more fillers, Nur at 60 or Barbara Black at 67?
    Btw, Nur is NO more queen. She’s been buggered off by present Queen consort, Rania. Nur is history. American pride falls flat on its face.

  22. She is still young enough to find a mate… Life can get pretty lonely without a mate. Someone whom is there by your side everyday and night. We cant get this kind of closeness from our children…I wish that it would be true that she is dating someone and can get a relationship going. Slim would be the best one for her ! Inshallah.

  23. Just as racism is too obsolete for modern times, so is monarchy. It should simply be abolished globally and all the money they’ve stolen from tax payers (in trillions) restored to the people. Most importantly, hereditary system of government is thoroughly against the precepts of the Glorious Quran.

  24. Nor is not a queen, she is a dowager queen as the widow of a monarch. Queen Rania is the only queen in Jordan. Noor is not even the Kings’ mother. As a widow she is entitled to remarry but not sleep around. Discretion is a must by someone of her position. Where is she now Jordan faces the onslaught of ISIL?

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