Gringos Perfect the Guacamole; Make Flags Out of It

Guacamole, which according to “avocado experts” at Wholly Guacamole was “invented by the Aztecs for its nutritional benefits for the wealthy,” can now be used to prepare a Wholly Cinco de Guaco Quick Flag Dip, a culinary work of art you will never encounter in Mexico (it looks like a hell of a lot of work for real Mexicans.)

But it doesn’t matter if this beauty is the real thing or not; Cinco de Mayo is just around the corner and any excuse to fool around with Mexican food –and flag– is a good one. Besides, there are reportedly no swines involved in its preparation so you might be O.K.

Despite Swine Flu Scare, Texas Girl Claims Cinco de Mayo Title [Whatever That Means]

image_8560962The H1N1 virus might have stolen Cinco de Mayo’s thunder but in a Texas town I’ve never heard of, some girl claimed the Miss Cinco de Mayo title during the weekend.

“Carmen Ramirez, a Hudson High School senior, was crowned Miss Cinco de Mayo on Saturday at a small gathering at Kiwanis Park.”

Now, I don’t know exactly what such a title is all about, since we never had anything remotely similar down in Mexico, but she seems happy enough and -if you asked me- free of any kind of killer influenza.

¡Sí, se puede!