Going to Arizona? Don’t Forget Your Gringo Mask!

Miami-based Ad shop Zubi Advertising has come up with an infallible way to find your way around Arizona without being pulled over: The Gringo Mask, an easy to download, cut and wear mask that will make you look like anything except a “brown person.”

According to Zubi, “There have been over 155,000 hits to GringoMask.com in the past three days, the mask has over 1,700 fans on Facebook and is the number one result on Google when searching for Gringo.”

Which is, like, great, because as I have been saying for many years now, there’s nothing like the power of the Internet to annoy the hell out of stupid people, particularly Arizona politicians.

I have already downloaded mine and I must say I’m loving it, except I live in Harlem so I’m not sure it will be wise to be walking around wearing the thing around here… but that’s another story…

7 thoughts on “Going to Arizona? Don’t Forget Your Gringo Mask!

  1. We had not thought about the side effects of wearing your gringomask in Harlem, maybe we need to write a disclaimer like, “you won’t need your gringomask when the police look like you.” Thanks for sharing the mask with all your followers, Laura.

  2. Funny you mention that, we wanted to make sure that these stock photos were of actual US born citizens. Can you imagine if the girl was an illegal Venezuelan?

  3. Wow. What will they think of next? So many possibilities come to mind. Will the Jacko Mask get me in to Neverland? I don’t know but I have to try!

  4. Good Afternoon Laura

    I’ve followed your blog from time to time, and today I come to find your report on the “gringo mask”; apparently the company pulled it from its website.
    I am hoping you downloaded both male and female form (I see you posted yours), but the “gringo-mask” is no longer available. If you have it, can you post it? I know many of us were left without are “mask”. Thank You and good work!

  5. Just found your blog after much searching for the mask, which I had printed from the zubi website and lost….now I have mine, but I need an emergency one for my boyfriend who is going to his immigration interview soon…. just kidding…loved your sense of humor Laura!

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