4 thoughts on “What on Earth is ‘Authentic Latin Flavor?’

    1. The white man’s strawberry Nesquik tastes better. Made from the dandruff of unicorns and troll dolls, it is on another level. Latin Flavor strawberry Nesquik is granulated gas station bathroom urinal cake. With less sugar.

  1. I actually didn’t notice that on the can I bought. I was only after I made a glass of it that I noticed it and the different taste. Yes it does taste different.
    Was it better or worse? What it was, was not what I expected. (That usually turns me off right away.) I am going to have to drink more before I make up my mind. But it is clearly not the same. It did seem creamer.

    Now I am wondering if the strawberry flavor is a lot different as well. I never did like the American version of the strawberry flavor. It’s not like it cost that much, I will have to try the strawberry flavor now.

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