California Lures Mexicans to Activities Other Than Fruit Picking

Because you can never get enough Mexicans in California, the state’s Travel and Tourism Commission has launched an all-Spanish-language Web site to “help lure more Mexicans to The Golden State.”

Visita California informs my people about the many wonderful things we can expect to do in the Golden State, including sun-bathing, surfing, golfing and -of course- rafting.

According to Caroline Beteta, CTTC president & CEO and chair of the U.S. Travel Association:

“This new Spanish-language Web site is part of one of the ways we hope to make planning a California dream vacation easier and more compelling to this important market.”

I suppose Ms. Beteta is talking about the “other” important Mexican market; and not the one charged with cleaning their hotel rooms and picking their fruit…

I wonder.

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