Nicaragua Invades Costa Rica; Blames Google Maps, Which in Turns Blames the U.S. State Department

Turns out Nicaragua invaded neighboring Costa Rica this, only to blame Google Maps for the embarrassing incident.

As it turns out, Nicaragua’s highest military “intelligence” relied solely on Google Maps to figure out their country’s borders, and in no way “meant” to go where nobody had invited them to.

As a Nicaraguan commander told the local press: he was just following what Google Maps said, and he never intended to go into the neighboring country.

But Google Maps was not ready to take blame for the whole mess, and instead quickly pointed the finger to the real culprit:

The U.S. Department of State has provided a corrected version and we are now working to update our maps.

I am still waiting on the U.S. State Department’s answer, but I think they are still trying to figure out where this whole thing is taking place.

One thought on “Nicaragua Invades Costa Rica; Blames Google Maps, Which in Turns Blames the U.S. State Department

  1. Nicaragua did not “invade” Costa Rica. Eden Pastora is not a military commander; he commands no troops. He has no authority to speak for Nicaragua, nor for its military, but he loves to be the center of attention. He is in charge of the dredging operation on the San Juan river, nothing more.

    Costa Rica recently lost in the International Court of Justice, the Hague, and being sore losers, they are now taking their “case” to the court of public opinion which they are very good at manipulating as error filled stories like this one demonstrate.

    Costa Rica rushed their military (yes they do have a military, but they still like to promote the illusion that it’s only “police”), clad in military fatigues, carrying machine guns and M-16s, to threaten the unarmed dredging boat being run by ex-Contra-commander Pastora. They want to delay or sabotage the dredging operation any way they can because they are jealous of the rise in tourism in Nicaragua while their own is in decline. This is the first purpose of right-wing President Chinchilla’s outrageous comments that CR “territory” has been “invaded”.

    The area in question is nothing more than a tiny island in the middle of the river that has been confirmed by the Court of Justice to be Nicaragua’s, with only navigational rights for Costa Rica.

    Nicaragua already had Naval and Army personnel in the area to combat extensive drug trafficking coming out of Costa Rica. No troops crossed the river into Costa Rica. They simply routed a squatter on the island – a man who is closely related to a known drug trafficking family – and it his claim to this tiny island in the middle of Nicaragua’s river that is the center of this “international incident”.

    The issue of internet maps only came up after Pastora, who loves the limelight, taunted a Costa Rican “newspaper” that even google supports Nicaragua’s ownership of that island.

    Nicaragua’s military has never relied on internet maps, or the US State Department, to tell it where its borders are. That the US State Department is even getting involved in telling google what it should change on its maps is very telling.

    It looks like Costa Rica, as the US puppet, is priming public opinion for another proxy war by the US against Nicaragua. Repeating the myth that Costa Rica has no military opens the door to being “saved” by an “intervention” by the US military.

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