Get Ready for ‘Playboy Latino;’ Hopefully More Virgins on Cover

playboylogoSpeaking of Latino spin-offs of non-Latino publications, Playboy is partnering with a Spanish-language publisher in the U.S. to launch Playboy Latino, which I believe is going to be like the regular Playboy but -ahem- Latino.

Per a press release:

Playboy Latino will be published predominantly in Spanish and will feature a mix of original content, as well as pictorials and articles from the Playboy archives that will be repackaged for a Latino audience.

I don’t know you, but that whole bit about repackaged pictorials sounds really enticing.

I just hope they live up to the standards of the great Playboy Mexico, which famously put the Virgin Mary on its cover.


Playboy Latino is expected to come to your Latino neighborhood as soon as December. So stay tuned. I promise you guys a first-take on this thing, which I’ll read for pure informational/blogging reasons, of course.

5 thoughts on “Get Ready for ‘Playboy Latino;’ Hopefully More Virgins on Cover

  1. Yes, I remember when I used to lend my Playboys to other boys in the dormitory, and the pictorials came back repackaged.

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