What if Osama Bin Laden Had Been Mexican?

As is usually the case with some major news developments, it took my fellow Mexicans very little time to start mocking the whole Osama bin Laden-capture-death thing.

Barely hours after President Obama delivered the news of Bin Laden’s death on Sunday, the hashtag #siosamafueramexicano (If Osama had been Mexican) became a major trending topic on Twitter México.

Among this blogger’s favorite:

If Osama bin Laden had been Mexican, we would have killed him tomorrow… 

p.s. The picture on the left is from an actual Algebra book by Aurelio Baldor this blogger grew up studying with.

No kidding [and no wonder I suck at Algebra.]

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2 Responses to What if Osama Bin Laden Had Been Mexican?

  1. Lorenzo says:

    Lo que mas me impresiona es que en 10 años de búsqueda del llamado servicio de “inteligencia” a nadie se le ocurrió buscar antes en su “mansión”??

  2. isra says:

    hey ! yo tengo ese libro ! está muy chingón, hasta la fecha, lo uso de vez en cuando.

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