Now You Can Enjoy Latin America Without the Dangers and Annoyances of Latin America

Attention, non-Hispanic Americans: Are you afraid of being killed in Mexico? Mugged in Central America? Sickened by some deadly bug in Peru or killed by the chikungunya virus in the Caribbean?

Worry no more!

Thank your undocumented and documented Hispanic immigrants for the latest trend in U.S. tourism: Latin American cultural immersion trips in the confort of your own city!

Sí, señores! Latinos are a smart bunch, so we are using the very same neighborhoods we took away from gringos to lure them back, and invite them to get a taste of our fun, dance, food and drink-filled culture! (And no, you don’t need to get a passport, nor take a malaria pill or take a kidnap ransom insurance.)

You are welcome…

So, welcome to El Barrio!

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