Awesome Mexican Stuff For Sale on

As soon as revealed this week a list of some of the filthiest items still on sale at, this blogger promptly scourged the site for a peak at some Mexican-themed products -filthy or not.

Here are some of the awesome (non-filthy) things I found:

-A $38.20 “Mexican Boy Set” by Dress Up America

-A $28 “Mexican Girl Set” (cheaper than the boy, of course) also by Dress Up America

-A $19.95 wall clock featuring guitars, mariachis and pyramids

-A $147.45 Marella Mexican sombrero-themed pasta pack

-A $9.80 Mexican chile Yogi Tea

And these are only a few under the Mexican category… Don’t get me started on “Hispanic” merchandise.

One thought on “Awesome Mexican Stuff For Sale on

  1. And to top it all off…MADE IN THE SWEATSHOPS OF CHINA.

    Part of this sucks because it makes fun of Mexico…

    The other part that REALLY sucks is supporting SLAVE LABOR in other countries–we do that everytime we buy products where there are weak labor standards…we need to stop spending our money on such porquerías!

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