French’s Mustard is so Spicy, You’ll Want to Wear a ‘Sombrero’ and Shake Some Maracas Around

Remember French’s Mariachi serenade? Well, the makers of this made believe mustard fine product are at it again, this time doning a pair of maracas and Mariachi hat to some white chick who seems to be so excited about the mustard, that she feels like shaking her butt like a Mexican.

But… I have a problem with that.

See? Mexicans don’t really wear mariachi hats on a daily basis, and those of us who do, would never -EVER- use a pair or maracas to go with it. That is what a guitarrón is for!

But then again, her outfit is as Mexican as the mustard is French, so we’re cool.

Photo & hat tip: @SaraChicaD

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