Lucy? Betty?… No, Says MundoFox, ¡Es Lutty!

When MundoFox executives took up the stage Wednesday afternoon to unveil programming initiatives, they knew the audience had had enough:

My department did a little research, and it concluded that -by now- you have been exposed to about 320,000 hours of upfront presentations,” joked Tom Maney, the svp of advertising sales at Fox Hispanic Media. Damn, right, Tom, I’m not sure it was exactly 320,000 hours, but it certainly felt like it.

In any case, I’m happy to report the folks over at MundoFox spared us a Hollywood sign stunt. Instead, they introduced the audience to the new reality in programming embraced by Latinos; one that mixes the two worlds -and languages- in which we move around. Thus, Lucy/Betty/Betty/Lucy… ES-LUTTY!*

*NOTE: Not to be pronounced as ‘slutty.’ Thank you for your cooperation.

One thought on “Lucy? Betty?… No, Says MundoFox, ¡Es Lutty!

  1. Call me jaded, but I really don’t see what they are initially offering that makes them stand out from the rest. Betty La Fea? To date we’ve only seen it in 3 different channels in LA. It’s not a bad novela, but come on! Nada nuevo. But I guess we’ll wait and see. Full disclosure, my first job was KWHY-TV a few ages ago, so I have a soft spot for what Canal 22 used to represent. Saludos.

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