Going to Cataluña? Bring Back a ‘Mexican’ Hat

It’s that time of the year when this blogger looks to relax and avoid computers altogether, but walking the streets of Tossa de Mar, in Spain’s Costa Brava, I keep bumping into these “typically Mexican” souvenirs.



I might be wrong here, but the only time I saw one of these was in a 1940’s movie… Besides, why on Earth would Spaniards pitch anything “Mexican” to a mostly German and French crowd?


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5 Responses to Going to Cataluña? Bring Back a ‘Mexican’ Hat

  1. Were they “Made in China?”?

  2. Catherine says:

    Haha, no idea! However, when my grandmother goes to Spain, she knows she’s not allowed to return unless she brings me a pair of wedged alpargatas.

  3. elconejo says:

    Everybody loves Mexico..but too afraid to say.

  4. ieishah says:

    i live in catalunya. i ask myself this every day. the only thing i can come up with, is that spaniards are hyper aware of the fact that the world expects that since they speak spanish, they’ll be hot and loads of fun and eat spicy foods, you know, like latinos. the hats and such are an attempt to manage expectations. have you heard ‘rumba catalana’ yet??

  5. eL pOLKERO says:

    The Germans buy Mexican Sombreros to improve their polka playing abilities. And to show their respect to all the mexicans who love and enjoy polka music played on german accordians.

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