America Has Concocted a ‘Latino Croissant,’ Because why the Hell Not?

WTH is this? 🤔
WTH is this? 🤔

America, land of the free, and home of the meatless chorizo and the Chicken Taco Grande Ring, is now giving us the “Latino croissant,” which this blogger believes it’s a croissant, but Latino… whatever *that* means.

Hat tip: @widestance

6 thoughts on “America Has Concocted a ‘Latino Croissant,’ Because why the Hell Not?

  1. The product is dry and tasteless It is also an addition $.50 more than its closest competitor. Stay away from this product. I supplied10 bags to the Sunday morning church service pre mass on Sunday 8/05 and most were inedible dry and crusty. I should have donated the $29.00 to the church instead. Sani-Bakery Inc. is listed on the bag at 33 West 9 St. Brooklyn NY 11231I plan to use the 2 phone numbers on the bag to contact them but Im not expecting a response. considering there is no Sani-Bakery at the above location.

  2. Pardon the mis-spelling of my first name. I wasn’t happy when I was writing this response and simply did not do a spell check.

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