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The Evolution of Mexican Food in New York City

It is no secret that we (i.e. “The Mexicans”) are taking over the so-called Big Apple. And we are doing this quietly and deliciously, by replacing your Ketchup with salsa; your bagels with tortillas; your apple pie with buñuelos, etc. … Continue reading

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This William Levy Commercial Is Making me Thirsty

William Levy, the most beautiful man on Planet Earth –and a so-so telenovela actor– is hilarious in these series of new spots for Pepsi Next. Produced in English and Spanish, the spots feature the Cuban-American heartthrob cheesily playing several roles: An … Continue reading

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The ‘Cinco Barrios Skateboard’ Is la Más ‘Fresca’ de NYC!

My friend Diego Olivé spotted this “cute cultural hodgepodge-Latinocaliente skateboard” at a local sports store in Union Square, so I wasted no time in asking his permission to steal this beauty. And why not? It so perfectly embodies everything that is awesome … Continue reading

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Racist, Ignorant People Can Be Oh, So Amusing!

Take James Fulford, a writer over at anti-immigration, anti-multiculturalism, anti-coherence online community Vdare, who recently took to the web to denounce “upper-class, disloyal Hispanic journalists (specifically Univision’s Cristina Costantini) for “campaigning  to import lower class illegals—who won’t live in their neighborhoods.”  According to … Continue reading

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Ever Wondered Where the ‘Cenotes’ Sagrados Come From?

Marketing is a wonderful discipline, because no matter how hard you try, you’ll always manage to screw up the Spanish-language translation of your message… presumably just to please bloggers like myself. Photo: Marcelo Salup 

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Move Over, Barbie! El Chavo Is Coming to a Store Near You

And you thought Mexico’s only contribution to this glorious country were tacos, salsa and drug-related violence… Starting mid-August a new line of El Chavo toys will be available at major U.S. retailers, including Toys R Us, Kmart, Walmart and -ahem, ahem- Target, the … Continue reading

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Target Corp. Missed Some Crucial Insights About Hispanics

In light of recent developments, (news that Target Corp.’s management gave bosses some very valuable information about Hispanics) this blogger decided to add a few items to an already stupid comprehensive list of how to go about Hispanic employees. Target Corp.’s … Continue reading

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