Mexico First Lady not Regal, nor Maternal: ‘Washington Post’


UPDATE: This story has been updated to add a video of Mexico First Lady speaking -in depth- about her butt and her method to decrease the horniness.

There is already talk of “controversy” around the July 2014 issue of Marie Claire Mexico and Latin American magazine, featuring Mexico’s first lady Angélica Rivera Peña alongside daughter Sofía Castro.

According to Robin Givhan, of The Washington Post, Rivera’s pose is not only “startling,” “provocative,” and “sexy,” but it clearly contrasts with contained images of U.S. first ladies, who tend to be more “regal” and/or “maternal” and pose in a way that they deny their own bodies.

Per Givhan piece:

“For an American woman who steps into the role of first lady, the body must be denied. It can’t be too exposed. Too strong.  Too overtly sexual. Beauty is acceptable — even expected. But that most intimate expression of self — sex appeal, sexuality — is off limits.” 

I totally agree, but calling Rivera un-regal, un-maternal purely based on the Marie Claire photo shoot, is not historically correct. The Washington Post -and all the other media that I’m sure will follow suit- would be well advised to look at other, more accurate portrayals of our our telenovela-actress-turned-first-lady.

You know… those from the time when we simply knew her as La Gaviota and she was more into bikinis than politics.



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