Dear Adidas: It’s Colombia, Not Columbia… ¡Carajo!


Adidas has jumped on the Columbia wagon, because, really, why not? According to numerous tweets from Colombia, not Columbia, the sports giant did the ultimate insult to the Colombian, not Columbian.

There is even a Columbia Home Kit thing (whatever that means) on their own Website.


This blogger is seriously busy with much more important things (namely, the #ItsEmpanadasNotEmpañadas thing) but just need to take a break to remind everyone: #ItsColombiaNotColumbia


2 thoughts on “Dear Adidas: It’s Colombia, Not Columbia… ¡Carajo!

  1. It’s appalling. They are our biggest cocaine-trading partner, by far. And they will provide the bogus event that will facilitate our invasion of Venezuela and expatriation of its oil reserves. These are the two most important products on Wall St., cocaine and oil. It’s thoroughly offensive that we would treat this offshore national treasure so shabbily.

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