The National Pork Board Wants Hispanics to be Inspired by Pork

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The national organization known as the National Pork Board this week launched a Spanish-language version of its popular Pork Be Inspired website, inexplicably called Pork te inspira.

And I say “inexplicably,” because as any bilingual person will tell you, cerdo or puerco would be the correct Spanish translation of the word “pork.” See? Pork is NOT Spanish for Pork, thus the weirdness of the whole Pork-te-inspira-business.

I have no idea why they decided to go that route, but I’ve already sent them a VIT (a Very Important Tweet) asking for a comment or -in the worst case scenario- a clarification.

I suppose El puerco te inspira or El cerdo te inspira would be slogans better suited for the National Porn Board, but we’ll never know for sure until they get back to me (which very likely will be never.)

I will keep you guys posted, though.

One thought on “The National Pork Board Wants Hispanics to be Inspired by Pork

  1. I just saw the latest Pringles flavor down here in La Sierra Gorda: Jamon Serrano. I wonder if that qualifies as anti-pandering. I mean, there really isn’t much serrano ham in Mexico, except for in the snottiest tapas restaurants of Mexico City and Guadalajara. But is Pringles trying to capitalize on the last little 1 percent of hereditary-wealthers, and their wanna-bes, by saying you too can pretend to have sangre puro, if only you eat Iberian-flavored American processed snacks?

    I honestly don’t know…..the remaining rump state who, a generation and a half since it became socially unacceptable, still insist upon their Spanish purity, aren’t exactly the type to buy Pringles.

    I tried them, and they are not entirely awful. But they could just has easily have been named Humo Liquido.

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