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Got the Election Blues? Have a ‘Bad Hombres’ Burrito; Wash it Down with Mexican Coca-Cola

Say what you will about you-know-who* but you cannot deny he has given my people (i.e. The Mexicans *and* The Funny People) plenty to work with. Take the Bad Hombres burrito, spotted in Portland, Maine, which according to their creators sold out 2 … Continue reading

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Michael Jordan’s Steak House Now Serving $12 Tacos

New York City’s Michael Jordan’s The Steak House has jumped into the UTW (Unaffordable-Tacos-Wagon) with the introduction of a $12 New York strip taco, generously featuring  guacamole *and* pico de gallo. Please note that for that price you will only be able to … Continue reading

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The Huffington Post Replaces Words with Taco Emojis, Because Nothing Makes Sense Any More 🌮🌮

Nothing to add here. We have all gone mental.

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Hillary Clinton to Host ‘Debate Fiesta’ on Wednesday Night, Because… ¡Ajúa!

Speaking of Hillary Clinton and her tacos con todo, the pantsuit-loving democratic presidential candidate (PLDPC) is planning to throw a Mexican/Hispanic-themed party to watch the last presidential debate Wednesday night. According to the Clinton campaign, the fiesta will take place Oct. 19 … Continue reading

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How Do you Say ‘Bell Pepper’ in ‘Hispanic Spanish’?… Hint: It’s Not pimiento

Remember plontomeros? Turns out Harlem Hispanics are not alone in their quest to come up with the awesomest translations for non-Hispanic vegetables. The turn is now for green –and red– Bell Pepper, which have become Chile Campana, because “pimiento” is a boring word … Continue reading


In Ongoing Effort to Secure the Hispanic Vote, Hillary Makes Strategic Stop in Tacos El Gordo

As  part of her ongoing effort to woo my people (i.e. taco-loving Hispanics) Democratic Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton this week made a very important stop in Tacos El Gordo, a Las Vegas staple. According to — who else? — Spanish-language media, Clinton … Continue reading

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From the Series ‘Mexicans: How Can Anyone not Like us?’

One of the greatest things about Mexicans is that they won’t discriminate against nations and/or nationalities when it comes to ask rotten politicians to go fuck themselves. Image via: @Risco

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