OK, France, Now You’re Just Being Ridiculous…

Move over, Taco Bell: French fast food chain Tacos King, is on its way to become this blogger’s worst make-believe-taco nightmare.

I came across this establishment in the heart of Downtown Lille, and while I didn’t have the heart to walk in and come face to face with the calamité, I was able to secure a photo of *these* things the French dare call “tacos.”

Mon Dieu!

voilà, ici la calamité

Photo: Laura Martínez, Lille, France.

One thought on “OK, France, Now You’re Just Being Ridiculous…

  1. Around 2005 –12 years ago– I took 120 Tia Rosa flour tortillas (I can’t stand corn tortillas, I don’t care about what anyone thinks). We used 60 of them doing a taquiza in Burgos with the family. We used the other 60 in Marseille, doing a taquiza with the family and some friends. They loved it. In a small part, we introduced Europe to the delights of a real taquiza. It is no wonder that today, 12 years later, the French have adopted tacos as their own.

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