Forget Arizona. Mexico Gets Own NASA. Yay!

Crap! I was so busy bitching at Jan Brewer and the whole Arizona brouhaha, that I failed to acknowledge the truly super-terrific news item of, like, the whole year: The Mexican Congress this week voted for the creation of AEXA, a national space agency, which according to its backers, “will help Mexico develop a space policy and stimulate investment in aerospace technology.”

Among AEXA’s biggest enthusiast is the one and only José Hernández, who has not only flown on the shuttle Discovery and lobbied for the creation of a Mexican space agency, but was brave enough to follow me on Twitter!

As far as I can tell, AEXA will not be sending astronauts into space nor building rockets any time soon, but who cares, really? We will be KICKING some-serious-ass and showing Arizona our people can really transcend borders (and not necessarily by jumping fences.)

¿Quién dijo que no se puede?

Image: Chewy Pulido