Prayer Rugs, Tacos, Turbantes: It’s all Coming Together and you should be Freaking out!

ISIS in Mexico? ... Nah, just a heat exhausted taquero
Tacos & Turbantes? Do now show this to Trump, please

Not content with informing the world that my people (i.e. the Mexicans) are nothing but a bunch of rapists and drug dealers, President Donald Trump is now expressing concerns about prayer rugs (PRAYER RUGS!) found on the Southern border. And this, my friends, can mean only one thing: Muslim terrorists! 😱

All of this –of course– makes for a potentially explosive combination, particularly when it comes to heat exhausted taqueros in the Homeland like the one in the photo who –in addition to everything –happens to make delicious tacos out of -what else?- a trompo!

OMG! It’s all coming together, y’all.

The end is near my friends, so everybody should just go out eat tacos; otherwise, the terrorists win.