Sunday is National Taco Day and the Augusta Police Department is on it


Sunday Oct. 4 is National Taco Day in the U.S. (don’t ask) and everyone is really excited.

And by everyone I mean everyone.

Take the Augusta Police Department in Maine, that will be holding a taco eating contest starting at 3 p.m.

According to the Augusta, Main Facebook page, the first eater to finish a ‘Taco Gigante’ will earn $250 donation to the charity of their choice. The event will take place at Margaritas Augusta –naturally.

Now…. as this blog went to press (LOL) this blogger had no idea where Augusta, Maine was, nor why the Police Department there is holding a Taco Gigante eating contest in Margaritas Augusta.

However, this thing must be so important that the local media is hyping the event, and even writing an article that starts with ¡OLE!… Because, as everybody knows, if it has to do with tacos and margaritas, it might have something to do with the Spaniards.