OMG You Guys! Moctezuma and Cortés Were an Item

Ever wondered why the Mexican empire fell in the hands of a bunch of bearded, uninteresting Spaniards? Well, according to Mexican writer and career diplomat José Luis Basulto Ortega, the whole thing was nothing but an amorous gesture between two lovers:

“El Imperio de México fue un obsequio de Moctezuma a Hernán Cortés como parte del cortejo amoroso que tuvieron”, (Mexico’s empire was a gift from Moctezuma to Cortés as part of the amorous relationship they had) Basulto writes in his most recent book Culioni: Historia de una lágrima.

Basulto claims to have “fifteen documents” that irrefutably prove a homosexual relationship between Cortés and Moctezuma, and that, in a nutshell, Mexico was lost because of a queer (“México se perdió por una loca.”)

I wonder now if Santa Anna and David G. Burnett were getting cozy by the time we lost Texas… Oh, dear.

4 thoughts on “OMG You Guys! Moctezuma and Cortés Were an Item

  1. This post doesn’t cease to amaze me…. but your comment about Santa Ana and David G. Burnett getting cozy, really made my day!!!!


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