Bernie Sanders’ Spanish-language Website Is Offering Free Donuts –I Think

Please tell me you get a free donought when you click that red button.

Remember when Bernie Sanders was “progresivo” in Spanish?

Well, looks like in this, his second run for the US presidency, Bernie is still determined to court the vote of my people (i.e. The Hispanics.)

This time around though, Bernie has launched a Spanish-language Website (well, sort of) asking for donations, which doesn’t really say much about anything, except that it features a huge red button with the word DONA which –as you can imagine– is giving this blogger hope for some free donuts.

I’m not clicking it yet, but I scrolled down a bit only to find a cryptic, two-word message: lorem, lorem, which I hope is code language for Universal Healthcare and Tax the Hell out of the Billionaires.

Is this code language for Universal Healthcare?

Go, Bernie Progresivo!

Bernie Sanders en Español: Progresivo [sic], Honesto… and the Spanish Subjunctive is a Bitch

Bernie Sanders Hispanic Spanish campaign
I believe they meant: ‘Quiero que votes por este hombre’

Bernie Sanders this week launched a new campaign ad in which we hear the Senator speak some Spanish at the end.

While saying “Soy Bernie Sanders y apruebo este mensaje” is not a very difficult thing to say and have him practice, Bernie’s Hispanic campaign — and Bernie’s supporters — would be well advised to take a better look at their Spanish-language print and online copy.

Take the above promo by a Bernie Sanders advocacy group, which perfectly shows what many non-native Spanish speakers have known for years: The Spanish subjunctive is a bitch.

Oh… and DON’T get me started on “Progresivo” por favor.

UPDATE: This blog post was updated on Sunday February 21, 2016 to reflect the promo is not an official Bernie Sanders ad, but one created by advocacy group Women for Bernie.