Mexico’s National Soccer Team Might Not Score Goals, But they Know How to Make a Good Sandwich

It is only eight days before Mexico faces South Africa in the first match of this year’s 2010 FIFA World Cup tournament. So, the folks from the Mexican national soccer team are busy making, well, Bimbo sandwiches… which is not at all bad, because they could be drinking and smoking…

Oh, wait, they are doing that, too!

oh, and one more thing: since when is a sandwich ‘el alimento ideal’?

One More Reason to Root for Mexico in South Africa

Ok, people, if you needed one more reason to root for El Tri at this year’s 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, consider this:

Diego Maradona has promised to run naked through the center of Buenos Aires if Argentina wins the World Cup.

So please, repeat after me: ¡Que gane México! ¡Que gane México!…

In which case, this blogger promises to start eating more sandwiches and spare you the embarrassment of seeing the results.