Missouri, Too, Will Bash a Huge Trump Piñata on Cinco de Mayo


In yet another sign that bashing Donald Trump is now a national sport, a pizza and wine bar in St. Louis, MO will host a special Cinco de Mayo celebration (on May 7th) featuring a gigantic Donald Trump piñata.

According to a very long press release:

The El Trumpo Piñata will be on display at Yaquis Pizza and Wine Bar (2728 Cherokee, St. Louis, MO 63118) in promotion of their Cinco de Mayo celebration where, upon dusk (approximately 9:00 pm) on Saturday, May 7th, 2016, kids will be able to battle the El Trumpo piñata in an effort to grab as much candy that falls out.

The St.Louis, MO event comes on the heels of a similar Chicago announcement, proving that bashing El Trumpo is no longer a exclusive privilege of Mexicans in Mexico.

So, without further ado, here’s Francis Rodriguez, restaurateur and creator of the El Trumpo Piñata talking about the upcoming event and why Trump is a “very dangerous” person.

This Is What I Think about Deport Racism’s Cursing Kids Video Against Trump


Democratic Latino political group Deport Racism this week released a profanity-laced video (below) featuring a bunch of otherwise adorable kids denouncing Donald Trump by calling him things like racist fuck, racista de mierda and other not-so-adorable things. The campaign, says the group, is a “justified attack for a good cause.”

As a Mexican who grew up in a profanity-laced Mexican household (in Mexico,) I am not at all shocked by the obscenities; what I find truly shocking — and shameful —  is the stupidity of the people behind this thing. I mean, really? Is this all you could come up with? **

**For the record, I do think Donald Trump is a clueless fuck.

Watch. Cringe. Do not repeat.

This Latino Is Going to Vote for Trump –and Make you Get up and Salsa

Ruben-Obed-MartinezRubén Obed Martínez (luckily not related to this blogger) likes Donald Trump so much, that he will not only vote for him, but he has written an extremely catchy song that will surely make you get up and dance.

Bloggers’s Note: I hate salsa as much as I despise Trump, but must admit this thing is infinitely better than the crappy anti-trump-Estefan-music-Mexican-thing.

Watch. Get up. Move el bote. Repeat.

Does Donald Trump Like ‘Frijoles?’ We Might Soon Find Out


We now know many more things about Donald Trump (aka El Trumpo) than we ever needed to know. But one thing is still not clear. Does the billionaire like frijoles?

We might soon find out.

Dallas-based Pizza Patrón will be asking this question to Mr. Trump during his Dallas visit scheduled for Monday, Sept. 14, in which he will also be invited to pick up a Pizza Frijolera at a nearby restaurant.

Should Mr. Trump decide to comply, he’ll be in for a real treat:

According to Pizza Patrón officials, local residents are being asked to write a special message on the box that will contain El Trumpo’s warm and delicious bean-based pizza (Frijolera.)

And because this blogger can’t wait to see such a display of love & warmth, she is hereby joining the cause and asking El Trumpo to please comply and pay a visit to Pizza Patrón. Heck! They even accept pesos!