And Now… Frida Kahlo-Themed Sneakers



Marketers just don’t seem to stop in their quest for innovation. The turn is now for Converse Shoes, which has launched a limited edition of Frida Kahlo-themed sneakers, according to Mexico City-based blog Compradicción.

(Do these people know the woman ended up her days unable to walk and tied to a wheel-chair?) Just wondering…

19 thoughts on “And Now… Frida Kahlo-Themed Sneakers

  1. omg i love these shoes!!!!!
    i would wear them 24 seven they’re so tight!!!
    damn frida kahlos is very very pretty

  2. Omg, these shoes are so cool!!! I would wear them too!!! Ill only buy them if tey only cost 2 Dollars, thats the highest ill go… Im retarded

  3. that’s terrible, firda kahlo isn’t a product to capitalise on, she was a real person. now she’s treated like a brand logo, i wouldn’t feel comfortable with her face on my shoes.

  4. hey the one who write this thing man we are no fucking ignorants we know our culture and people just because you seen the movie you think you know about her shit fuck

  5. I like the idea of more people knowing about Frida, but I think this is a bad way to go about it…
    Not to mention that they cant put over half of her best work on shoes because most of it had to do with her miscariages.

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