Cocaine, Tortilla Dough… Same Difference

Does this look like cocaine to you?

Are you planning on wondering about the U.S. with a sack full of tortilla dough? Be ready to spend some days in the slammer.

Take Antonio Hernandez, 45, who last week was arrested and charged with possession of 91 pounds of cocaine after police officers -alerted by a narcotics dog- took him to the Buncombe County Jail in North Carolina. Per the local news:

“Deputies said Carranza appeared intoxicated, though he was later deemed sober by a Breathalyzer test. They said a narcotics dog alerted officers to check Carranza’s baggage, and multiple narcotics field tests determined that the substances were cocaine.”

Hernández actual cargo? Tortilla dough, cooking flour and shrimp.

Gee, officers? Can’t you tell the difference between one thing and the other? I’m going to have to get you passes for a free visit to your nearest Maseca plant. Stay tuned.