The Hispanic trailer of ‘The Boss Baby’ Features a Song about Mexico’s Most Notorious Drug Lord

‘Soy el Jefe de Jefe, señores’

You guys know I’m a sucker for Los Tigres del Norte, literally one of my top 5 favorite bands in the whole wide world. But… using a corrido about a notorious Mexican drug dealer (wink, wink) is just weird.

Yes, sir. The “Hispanic trailer” of the upcoming Dreamworks movie features none other than El Jefe de Jefes, one of Los Tigres’ most famous songs and one that is basically an ode to a notorious drug lord.

I can only imagine the following scene at the marketing department of either the production company or their advertising agency:

Marketing person # 1: Let’s make this trailer “Hispanic”

Marketing person # 2: Great idea. Let’s call Juan; Juan speaks Spanish. Juan, can you think of a song about .. a boss?

Juan: Yes! El Jefe de Jefes!


Someone at Dreamworks is going to have to do a lot of explaining to their non-baby boss.

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