JLo’s ‘Booty’ Is Proof that Latinas are Proud of their Buttocks


Pay no attention to all the hoopla about stereotyping Latinas as sexy, hot and curvy individuals. In fact, and judging from Booty, the latest artistic creation of our own Jennifer Lopez, we are not only proud of our behinds, but spend quite a bit of time, money and effort showcasing them to the whole wide world. Just WATCH.

Oh, and while you’re at it, you might want to see proof that eating chips and guacamole for breakfast does wonders for your figure.

So… ¡a mover la colita y a desayunar guacamole!

You, Too, Can Smuggle Your Own Immigrants!

Move over, cucaracha-stomping Mariachi: The new onda app right now is Smuggle Truck, an iPhone and iPad app that allows you to drive a truck full of immigrants through the dessert and try not to have them tossed out in the process.

Smuggle Truck: Operation Immigration, developed by Owlchemy Labs in Boston, is set for release this month but it’s already raising the ire of immigration advocates who think the game trivializes the seriousness of the crossings.

Really? I thought it was a major attempt by some app-developer coyote to show gringos that their job is no walk in the park!

How to Use Your iPhone to Act Like a ‘Real’ Mexican

It is truly remarkable what you can do with your iPhone these days.

In addition to checking in cool restaurants, listen to world radio and kill stupid piggies with flying angry birds, you can now pretend to be a “real mariachi” (whatever that means) and stomp cucarachas while a lovely song -which else? La Cucaracha– plays in the background.

Mariachi Hero is for real and it costs 1.99 on iTunes.