Michelle Obama Goes to Mexico. Hosts Would be Well Advised to Work on their Wardrobe

This blogger Everybody is super excited about Michelle Obama’s first solo trip to Mexico this week, where she is expected to spend three days “meeting children, tour the anthropology museum and dine at Los Pinos, the president’s residence.”

The American press is so thrilled about the whole thing, that a journalist couldn’t help but make a comparison with another stylish, sophisticated, impeccably-dressed American first lady:

Almost 50 years ago, a first lady seized Mexico City‘s heart: the beautiful, chic, multilingual Jackie Kennedy, to whom Michelle Obama draws comparisons.

If this is the case, I can only hope our presidential couple will spend some time working on their wardrobe. This blogger will be scrutinizing the menu -and fashion- during such memorable (and bloggable) event.

Stay tuned!