The ‘Cinco Barrios Skateboard’ Is la Más ‘Fresca’ de NYC!


My friend Diego Olivé spotted this “cute cultural hodgepodge-Latinocaliente skateboard” at a local sports store in Union Square, so I wasted no time in asking his permission to steal this beauty. And why not? It so perfectly embodies everything that is awesome about living in New York City.

[And to think there are still some morons out there who spit at multiculturalism and/or bilingualism…]

Photo: Diego Olivé (New York, NY, 2013)

Coca-Cola Lays Out Hispanic Marketing Plan for 2020: Soccer is for Men. Novelas are for Women

If you thought the soft drink giant a.k.a. The Coca-Cola Company couldn’t care less about the growing multicultural crowd, think again. The company this week laid out its vision for the future, which means a “strong focus” on multicultural marketing as soon as … 2020.

But that is not all. As Katie Bayne, CMO of Coca-Cola North America, was quoted saying:

“Our multicultural plans are now 12-month plans. It is no longer Hispanic heritage month followed by Cinco de Mayo […] We have a deep connection through the World Cup with Hispanic males and through the novelas with Hispanic females.”

No matter Cinco de Mayo (which happens in May) is actually followed by Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept.-October)… Coca-Cola will be using soccer to attract Hispanic men, and novelas to attract Hispanic females.

Yupi! I cannot wait for 2020…

Source: Advertising Age