Mariachi Doritos Bring a Little Mexican Joy to Otherwise-Gloomy Brits

Turns out Americans are not the only non-Mexicans who take pleasure in eating and drinking “spicy” stuff around Mariachis. The Brits, too, owe it to my people for bringing the party to the party (whatever that means.)

PepsiCo’s Doritos brand today unveiled its latest UK campaign, a “360-degree” effort that bears the tagline “For fun, add a little Mexican,” which apparently conveys a truly “unique” message: That Mariachis, food, music, party and corn chips go awesomely well together. Per a company press release:

“Doritos has a strong Mexican product association, which provides differentiation within the marketplace, and was central in delivering this unique campaign message.”

Wait… I think I’ve seen that unique message elsewhere… but I’m not sure.

Hat tip: GaboSama

At Last, a Marketing Program I Can Embrace

There is nothing like free cash to get people do anything (even eat more junk food.) According to Advertising Age, one of Mexico’s most successful ongoing marketing promotions is Sabrilana, in which PepsiCo’s Mexican subsidiary Sabritas is stuffing mucho dinero into the packaging of Doritos, Tostitos, Ruffles and other snacks.

During the promotion, which started in January, sales were up 18% by value and 20% by units, Francisco Jimenez, Sabritas marketing director, told AdAge. Me cae!

And because nothing goes better with free cash than state-of-the-art advertising, here’s the spot pitching the promotion.