Mariachi Doritos Bring a Little Mexican Joy to Otherwise-Gloomy Brits

Turns out Americans are not the only non-Mexicans who take pleasure in eating and drinking “spicy” stuff around Mariachis. The Brits, too, owe it to my people for bringing the party to the party (whatever that means.)

PepsiCo’s Doritos brand today unveiled its latest UK campaign, a “360-degree” effort that bears the tagline “For fun, add a little Mexican,” which apparently conveys a truly “unique” message: That Mariachis, food, music, party and corn chips go awesomely well together. Per a company press release:

“Doritos has a strong Mexican product association, which provides differentiation within the marketplace, and was central in delivering this unique campaign message.”

Wait… I think I’ve seen that unique message elsewhere… but I’m not sure.

Hat tip: GaboSama

2 thoughts on “Mariachi Doritos Bring a Little Mexican Joy to Otherwise-Gloomy Brits

  1. Oh my – Thanks to a mild curiosity about what kind of campaign Doritos is running using Mariachis, I stumbled onto your blog.

    I happen to be Hispanic and very interested in fellow Hispanics online. And how marketing and social media in America needs to become more aware of the results of the 2010 census.

    I’ve started blogging about speaking (through media like television and social media venues) to Hispanics about issues of interest to Hispanics in English.

    And… I’m so happy to connect with folks like you!

    I’m looking at your blog roll and getting excited! – First one on my list to read – Life in Spanglish.

    I’m rehashing my site and my content but drop by some time!
    And connect with me on twitter and Linkedin!


    Madeilne Gutierrez
    on facebook – I’m

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