Watch it, Mr. Arpaio! Here Comes Anya Corazón

No matter how many superheroes join the anti-immigrant cause, we (i.e. fearless Latinos) can always count on a new muchacha in town, who will kick the ass of immigrant haters… should that be necessary.

Meet the new Spider Girl -aka Anya Corazón- a 16-year-old high-school student of Latino descent who lives in -where else?- Gotham.

According to creators, Marvel Comics, Anya Corazón provides “a positive, modern image of an empowered young woman.” But I like to think of her more like a tough señorita, who will use her superpowers to take on your Seagals and your Ferrignos.

And wait until she hooks up with this guy: There’s going to be a lot of Paf! Pum! Zas!