The ‘Trumpiñata’ App Let’s you Whack Donald Trump from the Comfort of your Mobile Device


Do you hate El Trumpo but are not into whacking an actual piñata?

Worry no more. Two young developers have created a free app for iOS and Android that envisions Donald Trump as a piñata you can whack to produce candy.

According to this blog, the game allows you to collect coins, candy and unlockable piñata accessories and costumes. But no, it’s not just some money-making thing (yet,) but part of one of the developer’s USC Master’s Thesis.

I don’t know about you, but I’m on my way to download this thing. However, I MUST WARN YOU: I am seriously convinced that a Donald Trump piñata (digital or otherwise) cannot be full of candy; but just full of sh*t.

Hat tip: Honorary-Latin-by-marriage-white-girl Miblogestublog correspondent