Venezuelan TV Host Gets Naked Delivering News about Cristiano Ronaldo, because Latin America

Some people really have an on camera talent
Some people really have an on camera talent

I couldn’t make this stuff up if I wanted.

Venezuelan TV host Yuvi Pallares thought it was an awesome idea to get naked as she reported the news about Cristiano Ronaldo dating Playboy model Daniella Chávez.

Don’t be too shock, though. The stunt is fairly common — and pretty much the Raison d’être of Desnundando la Noticia, a Venezuelan “nude-delivering news service.”

NOTE: I’m filing this under Latin American TV journalism and saving my sarcastic remarks for later. (See? I’m busy NOT being that kind of reporter right now).

Just WATCH. Cringe. Repeat (or not.)

Via: Desnudando la noticia

mun2 Really Knows How to Get me Out of Bed at 8:00 am

tacombi_mun2mun2 on Tuesday unveiled its 2013-2014 programming line up at a morning press conference in Manhattan. And just to make sure this blogger would get out of bed so early in the morning, it brought in tacos and the taqueros who make them.

The event, which featured appearances by Larry Hernández and the Horóscopos de Durango, included an early morning pachanga that included tacos, champagne and coffee inexplicably served in a burro-themed cup.


The real party is tonight, so I will let you know if they ended up bringing out the strongest beverages and if they were still served on burro-themed cups.