Tecate Apologizes for Encouraging Men to Pee on Trees

After numerous complaints by anal law-abiding citizens who think public urination is not a really good thing, Tecate has decided to pull the above billboards.  See? Even if you don’t speak Spanish, the message is pretty clear: If you’re a man who drinks Tecate and thus have ‘coraje’ (balls, courage, etc.) then you should be able to relieve yourself anywhere you like; on trees, for example.

The Consumerist has the full scoop, including Tecate’s apology, which goes like this:

We have an internal process whereby every ad is reviewed for compliance with our local code for responsible commercial communication. As a part of that process, this ad concept was rejected by our US team but unfortunately, an error was made and the ad was mistakenly released and posted. We sincerely thank consumers for bringing this to our attention and have immediately removed the ad. We regret the error and are taking a look at our internal controls to ensure this does not happen again.

¡Voy! ¡Ni aguantan nada! [PUN intended]