Ready to Cross the Border? Don’t Forget to Bring your TIT [Transborder Immigrant Tool]

Ready to cross the Rio Grande but have no idea what direction to take?

Worry no more, vatos! Ricardo Domínguez, a Mexican activist, hacker and -from this day on- this blogger’s favorite person ever, has come up with a tool to assist Mexicans migrant workers to safely cross the border into the U.S.

According to Domínguez, who actually has a legit job at the University of California in San Diego, all you need is a $30 GPS-ready Motorola phone, which you can comfortably purchase on eBay.

Now you know.

So next time you see a group of kick-ass-looking border governors trying to scare you away, just follow your TIT and -as our friend Johnny would say- Keep Walkin.’

¡El Colmo! Even ‘Polleros’ are Now ‘Made in China’


First it was the piñatas, then the non-Agave tequila and the figurines of the Virgin of Guadalupe. And now, the Chinese are taking over the highly profitable activity of smuggling people into the U.S.

At a time when arrests of Mexican immigrants crossing illegally into the U.S. is at an all-time low, a new breed of human smuggling is taking place at the U.S.-Mexico border: Meet the Chinese coyote.

Authorities in Nogales report an almost tenfold spike in the number of Chinese people caught in the southern Arizona desert […] with at least 261 Chinese border-crossers arrested this year, according to the L.A. Times.

Mexican polleros would be best advised to move their butt if they want to remain competitive; otherwise, they will see their industry evaporate, just as it happened with shoes, toys, clothing, computers, etc. etc.