Shut up Vicentito!

If you thought Vicente Fox was out of the picture for good, sparing Mexicans –and the rest of the world– from his infamous “foxisms,” think again: During a press conference Monday night in Los Angeles, Mexico’s former president invited Latin Americans to escape from the perfect dictatorships, quoting “Colombia’s Nobel Prize winner Mario Vargas-Llosa.”

Of course most people know that 1) Mario Vargas-Llosa has never won a Nobel Prize, 2) He was born in Peru and later adopted the Spanish citizenship and 3) his famous phrase about the “perfect dictatorship” was a reference to Mexico, not Latin America. But what’s most surprising is Fox’s ability to say the wrong things, at the wrong time, and in front of the wrong crowds.

One can only admire his efforts for quoting literary figures. How can we forget that time when he quoted famed writer “José Luis Borgués?”

Other jewels from our former president:

Change will not come from above, it will come from below, from the small and medium size businesspeople.

Comes y te vas.

Said to Fidel Castro when inviting him to the Summit of Monterrey

Gracias mi rey.

Fox reply when King Juan Carlos of Spain called to congratulate him after winning the 2000 elections

Se sienten ñáñaras.

when asked by an 11-year old girl how he felt about being President.

Y yo por qué?

When asked his opinion about a legal conflict between Televisa and TV Azteca

And one of my personal favorites:

Pemex is like the Virgin of Guadalupe, they are symbols for Mexicans that must be handled with care

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