Naked? Not a Problem. But Not Atop a Pyramid

Here’s what happens when advertising fails to meet moral anthropological standards. The latest ad campaign to promote the wonders of the Mexican State of Hidalgo features telenovela star Irán Castillo showing some eye-popping attractions imprinted on her almost-naked body.

The campaign, titled Hidalgo en la Piel, has raised some hell in Mexico, but not because Irán is shown wearing very little clothing, but because the shooting around some protected areas was done without permission from the National Anthropology Institute (INAH).

“We’re not moralistic,” Benito Taibo, an executive with INAH told the New York Times. “We don’t have an issue with her. She’s a pretty girl.”

It turns out authorities don’t give a damn if Irán is naked or not. The issue here is the protection of Mexico’s patrimony. So next time your company considers Mexico to film a commercial, feel free to throw away the clothes… But, please, stay away from our Pyramids.

3 thoughts on “Naked? Not a Problem. But Not Atop a Pyramid

  1. Gracias a esta nota fue que encontré este excelente blog, hice una liga de mi blog hacia acá (espero no te moleste) y además hasta compré tu libro!! mi novia es americana y seguro que me va a ayudar a explicarle muchas cosas que como sabrás son muuuuuy difíciles de traducir… Salu2 desde Francia…

  2. Actually, I think this speaks no ill of the INAH. Quite the opposite: they do not censor. Their main concerns (and I know about this because of my job) are research and preservation. If it was up to them entirely, all sites would be closed to the public.
    If interested in shooting in a site under the INAH’s care, you need their approval; it’s as simple as that. Although I must concede getting their approval for filming is not an easy feat… but this is another story.

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