Globalization has never tasted better

Move over Taco Bell. Mexican food (and I mean real Mexican food) is coming to China. And thank God is going to taste like the real thing.

This weekend, one of my favorite taquerias, El Fogoncito, announced it opened its first restaurant in China, which will be followed by the gradual openning of 25 more, making it the first real taqueria in the country. Quoted by The Associated Press on Friday, Sergio Rosas, operating manager for El Fogoncito, said the company was investing US$1 million to have five restaurants in Beijing by next year, in time for the 2008 Olympics.

By the way, besides working on its expansion, El Fogoncito might want to hire a gringo to proofread its English-language site, which greets visitors with a warm “Wellcome”.

Language matters aside, it’s great to know that finally, the Chinese will know what a good taco is all about. Buen Provecho

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6 Responses to Globalization has never tasted better

  1. Pierrecito says:

    If El Fongocito includes in its menu Chile Reyanos or tacos de Nopales de verdad, I will convert to globalization and claim that Thomas Friedman is a major thinker of this beginning of the twenty first century!

  2. Gabriel Sama says:

    Good job Laurita! I am eager to read you online. As a fellow member of the blog-vice-and-(semi)unemployment clique, I can certainly relate.
    El Fogoncito had been announcing their expanssion to other markets for years (I wrote a story for the WSJ about that). Its nice to see they finally launched their international crusade. One wonders what makes the excellent Mexican franchises wait so long. Just last week, another of the companies I talked to for the WSJ article (Gorditas Dona Tota) opened their first store in San Antonio, Texas. Yum yum, que rico!

  3. Carla Raygoza says:

    It’s about time the rest of the world knows what REAL Mexican tacos taste like without having to come all the way to Mexico…. Laura, I loved the article. It is informative and witty; always my favorite combination when reading the news.

    Hmmm…. I just realized I am craving some tacos al pastor!!! Gotta run… to the nearest taqueria… thank the gods I live in Mexico!

  4. It lacks you to include the also many phrases of our good friend AMLO, which does not remain very behind in its folklorical phrases and seudopolitical actions: Legitimize President of México.

  5. Ulyses says:

    I can not believe this situation, i am so happy of seeing how a mexican restaurant success out of our country.

    Good job …. keep going and show the whole people that we can also be a competitive nation in terms of global market..

    ulyses mejia

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