Analyze this!

I guess you can say there is nothing new on the Internet, but today I came across a very interesting site, whose name I just adore: Psiquealo. Presumably from the prefix “psique,” the site offers a platform (or shall I say virtual couch) for those affected souls who want to let out all their frustrations, but probably cannot afford a real shrink.

According to the site’s founders, Psiquealo has over 5,000 registered users coming from all over Latin America, but most recently saw an increase in U.S. Hispanic visitors. Among my favorite features on the site, are the most frequently used words: sadness, love, jealousy, confusion, unfaithfulness and, of course, sex.

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One thought on “Analyze this!

  1. Estimada Laura,

    Soy uno de los fundadores de psiquealo y quisiera darte las gracias por este comentario de psiquealo en tu blog. Adicionalmente, me gustaría conversar contigo para discutir la propuesta de valor de psiquealo.

    Un cordial Saludo,


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